2 factor authentication for everyone.

Why did you forget about Dre?

It is simple. Create an account. Add the code snippet to your login screen on your web app / website -- whatever. Add 2fa.party to your home screen on your phone and open it up when needed to generate a code. Copy the code to your login on your site and login securely.

Optional super secret squirrel feature: Add your public key and encrypt the generated 15 digit code to yourself so that only you can decrypt it with your private key on a trusted device of your choosing. That way, even if your 2fa.party account is compromised, no one will be able to generate a code as you.

Technological feats made by this site? Written in plain php and html. Redis & gnupg for php do all the heavy lifting.

Yes, an API is in the works.

Not made with love. Made out of desperation for something better and a fair bit of ego and coffee. For now this service will remain completely free for all to use. No strings attached. No email newsletters. No freemium model.

The author to blame is the guy who lives at https://jamescampbell.us.

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